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Pledge Music

Today it’s time for something a little bit different! Apart from loving the ‘products’ that I’ve featured so far on this blog I also love my music. So today my I Use This recommendation goes to Pledge Music and this is why…..

The big main corporate record labels have been ruining music in this country for years now. First it was charging ridiculous amounts of money for a CD and more recently we have the U2/Apple stunt that did nothing but devalue music even more.

I use Pledge Music to source and support new music projects/artists so that I can be sure that my money goes directly where it should – to the artists/bands themselves or to indie labels who work hard to put out tracks/albums by artists that they love rather than by ones that have glossy generic videos and know how to use auto-tune!

JA┬áMy favourite project on Pledge at the moment is for James Atkin who you may remember from his EMF days. At the moment you can support him by pre-ordering his debut solo album “A Country Mile” and from listening to the sneak previews on the site. If you loved his voice on “Unbelievable” back in the day, you’ll love this!