A fantastic cheap and skin-friendly jewellery cleaner

Jewellery can be the finishing touches to a beautiful outfit or transform an otherwise casual “dress-down” day. The right piece of jewellery of course can also lift your spirits and bring back great and sentimental memories of people and places.

One thing that is always guaranteed to get pushed back down to the bottom of my To Do list is cleaning it - so it either doesn’t get worn or just looks drab. That was of course until I found a little secret weapon!tinfoil2A very friendly and extremely helpful little bird told me to line a glass dish with tin foil and scatter a liberal amount of bicarbonate of soda on it. Place the jewellery that you’d like to clean on top, sprinkle more bicarb along with a tiny splash of water, wrap it up and go do something more interesting for a couple of hours…..


After letting the chemical reaction between the powder and the foil do its magic the rest is simple. Just unwrap your foil parcel, rub and rinse off the bicarb and hey presto – nice sparklingly clean jewellery for under a quid!

No more expensive cloths or creams for me – not for my jewellery anyway :)




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