LouLou Belle Skincare – Watch out Clinique there’s a new 3 step in town!

If you like me love products that are made with natural ingredients that not only work wonders but also smell amazing too then you’re in luck.

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LouLouBelle London* is the brainchild of qualified beauty therapist and aromatherapist Magda Thompson who has been making her skincare products since 2011. Using 95% natural ingredients with her own unique blend of the highest quality essential oils Magda is very quickly making a (well-deserved) name for herself.

Over the last two weeks I’ve ditched my usual Clinique 3 step programme to try out LouLouBelle’s Dry Skin Face Set which includes Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser.

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When the set arrived in the post it was like unwrapping a beautiful birthday present – the set comes in a very gracefully embossed box with the three products nestled in gorgeous rich pink tissue paper inside. Three perfectly presented items in stylish, minimalist, clean white packaging.LouLou box small

I’m always nervous when trying a skincare brand for the first time however as Magda carefully chooses her natural ingredients to match each skin type I shouldn’t have worried. Normally I tend to avoid any face products that are perfumed as I’ve never found one that I actually want to smell all day but this Face Set for Dry Skin comes with the addictive aroma of rose, chamomile, rosewood, patchouli and palmarosa which all lift your spirits on a rainy UK Summer day.Rose-Chamomile-Cleanser1-480x480

The Rose and Chamomile Hydrating Cleanser is fantastically gentle on your skin and just one or two small pea-sized amounts is more than enough. All I had to do was massage it into my skin and then wipe off with a hot cloth – quick and easy to use and also extremely effective. This little gem contains peach and coconut kernel oils along with rose floral water and aloe vera, so not only did it manage to remove stubborn leftover traces of mascara but it did it without leaving my face feeling dried out. The opposite in fact, I actually looked like I had a healthy glow for a change!

Being a 3 Step fan I dutifully followed the Cleanser with the Rosewood Hydrating Toner which felt extremely light and refreshing when I swept it over my face in final preparation for the moisturiser.

The icing on this proverbial LouLouBelle London Face Set cake was most definitely the Palmarosa and Patchouli Hydrating Moisturiser. A lot of moisturisers that I’ve tried over the years for dry skin make the mistake of being far too heavy and cloying. This on the other hand was more like giving my skin a well earned and thirst quenching drink – I’m told that’s the Borage oil, in case you were wondering.

This little beauty kept my face and neck feeling soft all day long and was light enough to use with my usual foundation and CC cream. The essential oils that are used in this product actually help to stimulate elasticity and the growth of new cells and I have to say at the time of writing this, two weeks after my first application, I’m completely sold.Hydrating-Box-Set1-480x480

If you have sensitive skin or just prefer to simply limit the amount of mass produced chemicals that you put on your skin then I cannot  recommend trying out the LouLouBelle London range highly enough. Everything is mixed and made in small batches so you can be assured of an extremely fresh product that will give you a lovely healthy and natural glow – whatever your skin type.

LouLouBelle London revolutionising our 3 Step skincare regime!





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