My new favourite tipple – Crystal Head Vodka

Ok, so this is a slight departure (no pun intended) from my usual I Use This posts but bear with me.

I’ve never been a drink vodka “straight no mixer” type of girl before. That’s mainly because I’ve always found that they need a dash of coke, lemonade, tonic to smooth the taste out a little but also because I’ve never got my taste buds around so-called “flavoured” vodka either. However, my eyes have been opened and this has product has changed all that for good.


 One day, not too long ago I received an email from British Airways informing me that I needed to either spend some of my BA / Avios points or buy some in order not to lose the whole jolly lot.

As I’ve never seen the point of buying them and I wasn’t planning on travelling anywhere I decided to take a quick look to see what my points could buy me.

OK, so hands up – I admit it wasn’t really a huge amount of time after I logged in to my BA account that I headed for the alcohol section. Don’t judge me, there’s not a lot else to choose from!

After scrolling through a variety on non-descript wines and various other bottles that my total amount of points would never in a million years stretch to; my eye was caught by a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka.


I might be a little slow on this one, but I admit (again) that I’d never come across this before. It looked like a mad, mad, mad thing of beauty. Even better though, bearing in mind my comments on flavoured vodka, it’s described as containing “no additives. No glycerol, citrus oils or sugars. Nothing is added to enhance or mask the taste”. So you could say it seemed that game, set and match for me. And with a bottle and name like that let’s face it; it’s never going to be a wallflower.

Kismet! My amount of points available matched almost completely with the price and as I had no intention of flying with BA in the next few weeks I thought – why not?

Two days and an incredibly polite courier later I was in possession of something quite special. The bottle itself is beautiful! Strange and twisted yes, but beautiful nonetheless.

According to the website “Dan Aykroyd and John Alexander wanted to craft a vessel worthy of one of the world’s purest vodkas” and I have to say that they’ve achieved exactly that. The vodka itself was a joy to drink – as smooth as silk. Sipping a shot glass of this at the end of a hard day at work has been an absolute godsend. I’ve even managed to convert a non-vodka drinker into a fan!

It’s not often that an empty bottle of spirits retains a place on my shelves but whether I refill it with red wine or fairy lights this one definitely will.

The only downside? I ‘m all out of Avios points and  I can’t afford a new one!


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