My Waitrose Loyalty Programme

Waitrose might be the butt of lots of jokes from comedians looking to try and hide their own middle class backgrounds and ‘get down with the people’ (Michael McIntyre, we’re looking at you!), but if you’re anything like me what you look for in a supermarket is good quality produce and great value.


If you like me are shopping on a budget it’s really important to know that you’re getting a good deal on the basics and essentials that make up the bulk of your shopping basket, and Waitrose is the same as every other supermarket in this repsect. If you don’t mind buying a different brand of kitchen roll or looking for what’s on special offer that week, I can guarantee that shopping in Waitrose isn’t any more expensive that Sainsbury’s or Asda. (We’ll leave Lidl and Aldi to one side – if I wanted to shop off of crates and pallets I’d go to a cash’n’carry!).

Where it gets better though is the myWaitrose loyalty programme. It’s a free card that you use whenever you make a purchase instore or online, but it’s not the same as others shops as you don’t build up points to redeem later.waitrose card

Instead you get your rewards in many different ways. you get offered a free tea of coffee each time you make a purchase with your card, and you get a ‘free’ newspaper if you spend five pounds and want one too. (Actually they say you pay for it and the amount is deducted off the rest of your shopping, but it’s essentially the same thing).

Probably the best innivation is the ‘chooseyour own offers’ angle. By logging in online you can choose 10 items from a very extensive list tha t pretty much covers every type of product and everytime you buy it and present your card you get 20% off. So if you buy a pizza for a fiver you only pay £4.00, everytime.

There’s also the chance to win exclusive prizes and occassionally you get discount vouchers in the post too.

Finally, one other thing to bear in mind is that Waitrose operates on a totally different business models from other shops. As part of the john Lewis Group, everyone who works for the company is actually a ‘partner’ which means they get a share of the profits as a bonus each year. This makes it in everyone’s interests to give customers what they want so they keep going back, and probably why the staff are always so friendly and knowledgable too.

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