Guest Recommendation – Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

You may remember that the lovely @CaronMalcolm was kind enough to tell us all about her love of The Groovy Food Company’s Virgin Coconut Oil  a while ago and its multi-tasking abilities. Well today I’m glad to say Caron is back with a recommendation for one of my all time favourite products.

Yes you’re right, Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser has been around for quite a while now, steadily building a loyal fan-base around the globe but for those of you who haven’t tried it yet this is why you should: (more…)

Guest Recommendation – Younique – SD Fiber Lash Mascara

If you, like me, have wondered what all the fuss about Younique is then todays post is for you. The lovely Paula Smith has kindly agreed to share her favourite product with us…

Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes


As a die hard Clinique fan I’m curious to see what the difference is and it seems like the answer is – quite a lot!

“I’m used to wearing it so my fab lashes seem normal now. But look at the difference here. Clinique vs Younique! POW!” says Paula and who am I to argue.

Might just have to give this go when I’m next buying mascara. Thanks Paula!

Le Couvent des Minimes – Relaxing Recipe – Foaming Bath

The perfect bath sounds such a simple concept but there’s a fine line between a hot bath and a too hot, turn you into a lobster hot bath! Same goes for bubbles, you do your research, you splash out on an expensive bottle and what do you get? Nine times out of ten – disappointment! They either smell great, generate loads of bubbles, moisturise or relax you – sadly it’s a rare and wonderful day when you find a bubble bath that actually delivers everything it says it will and everything that you want it to! Or so I thought…. (more…)

Guest Recommendation – Aussie Hair

Todays Guest Recommendation comes from the lovely Ms Georgie Turner.

Georgie’s I Use This vote for a must have hair product is Aussie Hair Miracle Moist Shampoo & Conditioner because “it’s the only shampoo that adds moisture to my hair and tames it!”aussie hair largeI’ve used other products in the range myself and I’ve always been impressed by the results, plus they smell gorgeous too!

According to Aussie Hair the Miracle Moist line contains Queensland Macadamia Nut extract and infuses “moisture into dry damaged hair, leaving hair quenched, luscious, smooth and conditioned faster than you can say ‘shine on me’ ” and I’d have to say I agree. Hair does feel silky smooth without feeling heavy or greasy, oh and did I mention how good it smells..?

The good news for any UK readers is that if you spend £12 on their products at Boots at the moment you get a pair of Aussie Winter Miracle Socks absolutely free, while over at Superdrug they are currently on offer at two items for £10.

Clinique – Special Offer

A quick note for all those Clinique lovers out there! For one day only (i.e. today!) if you spend over £30 you get a 30ml bottle of Take The Day Off plus a lovely 3.5ml of the fantastic High Impact Mascara absolutely free. Bargain.

I can’t recommend the High Impact Mascara highly enough, never clumps, stays put and doesn’t leave your lashes feeling like straw. Start shopping here and treat yourself this Christmas!

Own Owen – Handmade designer jewellery

Carrying on from last weeks Rin Design recommendation, today I’d like to introduce you all to the beautiful handmade jewellery of Neil & Phyll Owen at Own Owen.

swar red neck

I love supporting independent enterprises where you can be sure of the craftmanship and individuality of the items you’re buying. High street shops are great for basics but if, like me, you like your jewellery to make a statement and be confident that no one else in the room will be wearing the same high street bought thing then you’ll love their original limited edition handmade designs.turq neck

Made with  natural precious stones such as turquoise and mountain jade, sterling silver and Swarovski crystals, the colours and stones that are used are inspired by the coastlines of Cornwall and look absolutely beautiful.

For those of you who are lucky enough to be based in the South West of England you catch them at the Padstow Christmas Market during the 4th to the 7th of December and for those of you that don’t you can contact them here for mail order and commissions. Treat yourself, it’s Christmas!


Guest Recommendation – Rin Designs

Today’s recommendation is slightly different as instead of beauty products this is for Rin Designs which is a brand whose slogan is: Art, Ethics and Dignity become a trend.

I don’t normally post people’s recommendations for their own products but as this is an independent organisation and ethical I thought…why not? So here is Manuela Vioque Viñas to tell us why she loves Rin Designs:

“We present this lovely Ethical Fashion project for the creation of a new
collection of Alternative Fashion, Ecological, Cruelty-Free (Vegan)
and committed to fair trade. rin2_trazado

Rin Designs Lookbook
The idea was born from a desire of artistic expression . We want to treat fashion as Art and not only as a simple need. Fashion is part of our life, it is what comes first to us, what identifies ourselves but, we can not do this by sacrificing the limited resources  of our planet, and the lives of our friends and innocent animals and most disadvantaged beings. (more…)

L’Occitane – Free Postage Today!

To all L’Occitane lovers out there, if you like free postage on your online purchases (and who doesn’t…) then today is your lucky day!

L’Occitane are offering free postage today on all orders so if you’ve been waiting for an excuse to try out their gorgeous little tins now you have one. Click the picture below to find your favourite.

L'Occitane UK

Pledge Music

Today it’s time for something a little bit different! Apart from loving the ‘products’ that I’ve featured so far on this blog I also love my music. So today my I Use This recommendation goes to Pledge Music and this is why…..

The big main corporate record labels have been ruining music in this country for years now. First it was charging ridiculous amounts of money for a CD and more recently we have the U2/Apple stunt that did nothing but devalue music even more.

I use Pledge Music to source and support new music projects/artists so that I can be sure that my money goes directly where it should – to the artists/bands themselves or to indie labels who work hard to put out tracks/albums by artists that they love rather than by ones that have glossy generic videos and know how to use auto-tune!

JA My favourite project on Pledge at the moment is for James Atkin who you may remember from his EMF days. At the moment you can support him by pre-ordering his debut solo album “A Country Mile” and from listening to the sneak previews on the site. If you loved his voice on “Unbelievable” back in the day, you’ll love this!

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